Peter Götz

Agile Coach, Trainer & Software Architect

How I work

I set great value upon respectful collaboration and try to communicate in a non-violent and solution-focussed way. This show in my implementation of the different roles.


As Professional Scrum Trainer for I am entitled to offer all Professional Scrum Trainings. To do that I have access to the latest course material and an excellent trainer network. This keeps me up to date content and method wise.

Find my public trainings on Scrum Events.


When working with teams as a coach it is important to me to find a common platform. This usually happens in a one- or two-day kick-off workshop, where we learn to know each other, define the assignment and goals that we want to reach together.

From there on I work part- or full-time as agile coach and support the team to find their best way into working agile.

We use the regular Sprint Retrospectives in Scrum to continuously improve my work as a coach in order to reach the best possible results for the team and the organization.

I am happy to take over the role of Scrum Master ad interim, until a regular Scrum Master has learned the ropes. Software Architect

As software architect I believe that software architecture is not something you think about once and then forget about it. Software architecture lives – even more so in an agile context – and has to be maintained and extended.

I support teams in finding the right architecture for their system, to challenge and document it. It is important to me to use proven methods and tools to ensure a sustainable work. My international Software Architecture Qualification Board (iSAQB) network helps me to keep up to date.